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The Equilinox website has proven to be a success being viewed in over 130 different countries world wide



In close cooperation with ThinMatrix I developed an “incredible” website for his game Equilinox, which exceeded his expectations. In the comments under one of his youtube videos the website was called “sleek”, “neat”, “magnificent”, “amazing” and much more.

Equilinox went on to become a successful indie-game with over 1200 reviews labeled as very-positive.

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About Me

19 Webdesign was founded in 2019 by Constantin Ross to allow every business to take full advantage of the modern web.

Constantin Ross
Constantin Ross

18 year old Entrepreneur and Student

My Workflow

Get to know my workflow and all steps it takes to come up with the final website


After a rough sketch on paper I create a detailed version of the design.


The design is programmed and then all the necessary functions are added.


Once the website is written in code it will be published to your server.

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